DNA Activation with Shivanti
  • Initiate the process of activating your 12-strand/multi-strand DNA
  • Balance chakras and expand the auric field
  • Awaken your dormant potentials
  • Increase your ESP perceptions and intuitive faculties
  • Clear emotional baggage, addictive & habitual patterns
  • Stimulate pastlife memories for clearing and reawakening dormant talents/creativity
  • Increase your Light Quotient to prepare for LightBody/Ascension work
  • Release the untapped potential in your 2-strand “junk” DNA
  • Enhance your clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities
  • Balance & harmonize your bio-energetic field to increase levels of bliss and peace
  • Increase your ability to maintain your connection to Source Vibration for prolonged creative expression
  • Amplify your manifestation abilities to actualize your dreams and visions
  • Activate your mind/body connection to take control of your own healing abilities
  • Expand your field of awareness to become more in tune with the multidimensional realms of Light
  • Releases new levels of inner intelligence which connects you with many levels of Universal wisdom
  • Empower your Path of Light by releasing coded information in your DNA that will allow you to clearly see your purpose and your mission

Energy Exchange:
$1.25 per minute

Select Time Desired

SESSION DETAIL: You will initially setup a free consult with Shivanti so you can talk about your goals. You will then determine how often to have sessions and decide if you want to communicate via chat, email or phone. Request your Consult from the LiveChat below.

DNAvatar Program by Gary & JoAnn Chambers

Our DNAvatar program begins with Module #1 which will gradually bring all of ShapeshifterDNA’s teaching together into one easy to follow program. It is a great idea to start with this program to get going on the DNA Activation process.

These sessions are done in combination with using the DNA Activation LevelOne Series by ShapeshifterDNA. Shivanti will support you through the process of awakening your higher DNA codes by acting as your spiritual guide. This relationship will help you to keep you moving along the journey at a consistent pace. There are many layers and levels within the DNA Activation process and it is a good idea to work with someone who has been through all the various stages to help you in your unfolding adventures. Shivanti has been dedicated to her personal DNA Activation process for 25 years and offers a wealth of knowledge to help you through. She has worked with thousands of people on this journey and can offer you support at whatever level you choose.

DNA Activation LevelOne Series by ShapeshifterDNA

DNA Activation LevelOne Series consists of 4 soundscapes and a book. This is the place to begin your DNA Activation adventures. Start with the first soundscape or get the set.

All of bulleted items are possible over time, but to be honest it does take patience, perseverance and dedication. Unlike programs that promise you immediate results, this one is something that you will consider doing for the rest of your life. It will serve to enhance other more specific programs and act as overall energetic support for them. Your guidance will assist you in awakening these gifts in the steps and stages that allow you to handle the influxes of energy. Shivanti believes that it is important to let the process unfold in alignment with your current life path so as not to cause too many disruptions in the various areas of your life. There will be times when you will feel the acceleration and other times when you feel stuck and that is all part of this process. With Shivanti as your guide throughout the journey, you will be able to understand the necessity of each unique stage of the process.

Activate Your DNA Guided Journeys by ShapeshiterDNA

These Activate Your DNA Guided Journeys will help you develop your spiritual foundation and help you expand your work with Sound.

Your first session with Shivanti can either start your process of DNA Activation or enhance the work you have already done with other healers or other programs. The unfolding journey of DNA Activation begins with your INTENT to start the activation of your multi-strand DNA codex. A vibrational healer can assist you along this path by infusing higher frequencies of Light into your personal matrix (shaktipat) – a transmission of higher frequencies.

DNA 1.5 Lucidity by ShapeshifterDNA

DNA 1.5 Lucidity is the next step after you feel integrated with the LevelOne series. This soundscape acts as a divine bridge to the DNA.L2 series.

Moving through the sequential series of DNA Activation soundscapes will add the needed foundational templates to your bio-energetic field. This enables you to ground and anchor the frequency based teachings within the sonic transmissions. It further enables you to gradually, through harmonic resonance, anchor in each successive dimensional layer of information. Ultimately this journey is one that takes you deeper within, where all your inner truths will be discovered. Having assistance along the way can often be helpful until you feel ready to walk the path alone. Shivanti is available to assist you in whatever way you feel most comfortable. She will teach you how to work with this type of information for your greater unfolding. She is not going to tell you what to do or what path you should follow, as it will be up to you to use your discernment to navigate the information that comes to you. Each person is on a unique journey of self discovery, Shivanti will assist you in finding that information.

DNA.L2 Series by ShapeshifterDNA

The DNA.L2 series of 6 soundscapes is the most advanced music for expanding the DNA Activation process. This series is for when you have cleared away much density and are ready for your personal path and divine mission work.

The DNA Activation sessions can be set up in various ways, to accommodate your unfolding path. You are the one who decides when you need additional information to go deeper into the process. You can request sessions on an as needed basis or set up a regular call to keep you focused on the process. This very personalized process will can include a flow of email exchanges, perhaps phone calls or chats, to determine what direction your sessions will take. You will be expected to spend quality time thinking about your current path and purpose and what directions you really want to move forward on. This will be an intense transformational experience and one that should be undertaken with a sincere level of respect and commitment. The initial sessions may be ones of discovery about your path and purpose, clearing negative karmic imprints and getting in touch with your divine essence. Future sessions will delve much deeper into your life path and purpose and finding your divine mission work on the planet.