Spiritual Guidance for those walking the Path of Conscious Evolution

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  Spiritual Guidance Sessions for:

Those who Walk the Path of a Spiritual Explorer
Seekers of Deeper Truths about Life Path & Purpose
Explorers of Higher Consciousness
Psychedelic Researchers & Healers of all Kinds

Our Spiritual MRI is ideal for those who are on a dedicated path of spiritual awakening as a tool for deepening and transforming deeply ingrained patterns or resistances. This intensive series of explorations are for those who are wanting to deepen their explorations of deep meditation and shamanic journeying. The MRI can also support those who are working with Entheogens/Psychedelics and want to take deeper dives into these magical realms of transformation. The Spiritual MRI can also be a valuable source of information following any form of psychedelic therapy treatments.

It is recommended that you begin with our MRI to get the complete overview of your spiritual journey. Following this, you can request individual readings as guided to follow your progress.

Spiritual MRI with Shivanti
  • Comprehensive Diagnostics of Bio-Energetic Matrix
  • Life Changing Information
  • Powerful Transformational Process
  • Aligns with those on Conscious Evolution & Ascension Journey

Spiritual MRI with ShivantiThe Spiritual MRI provides you with a complete scan of your bio-energetic matrix to see what imprints are currently affecting your physical/emotional/mental/spiritual bodies. Shivanti will dive deeply into your entire etheric field to SEE what is happening on all the various dimensional levels of your being. This intensive session includes the following:

Chakra Reading • Aura Portrait • Pastlife Reading • Spiritual Guidance • Shamanic Journeying • DNA Activation • Remote Healing


Chakra Balancing Reading with Shivanti at The 3rd Eye
Understanding your personal chakra system is as important as developing the awareness of how the other complex body systems within your bio-energetic matrix function. Once you have an understanding of the relationships that each chakra has to your overall personality makeup, the better you will be able to understand why you are experiencing or attracting certain situations in your life. You can begin to see your life’s scenarios from the various combinations of frequency patterns and how each create harmony or dissonance with the world around.


Chakra Readings with Shivanti
  • Core Level Readings of 12 Main Chakras
  • Access More Energy & Flow States
  • Uncover Patterns and Blocks
  • Learn to Balance & Center More Quickly & Easily

  • Holographic Perspective of Auric Field
  • Understand Energetic Imprints Impacting your Life
  • Reveal Pastlife Imprints
  • Learn how to Manage Energy Body Flows

Aura Portraits with Shivanti at The 3rd EyeViewing your energy field from a holographic perspective enables you to see energy patterns that are in development within your auric field. Shivanti will view your energy bodies from the first dimension through to the 15th to pick up any patterns that are currently important for you to become aware of. These patterns can reveal areas of concern in the physical body as well as being able to see your higher guidance support teams here to assist you in your evolutionary journey. Shivanti focuses on core level issues and their surrounding energy patterns to assist you in moving to the next level of your ascending journey.


Exploring your past lives is an important step in learning about your life’s motivations, talents, desires and aligning with your higher life purpose — ultimately answering the question of “Who Am I?” These pastlife readings open up an opportunity to understand behaviors and thought patterns, both positive and negative, that you have reestablished resonance with this lifetime from emotionally charged past lifetime events. It is an important aspect of spiritual growth to understand why you attract certain things into your life repeatedly so that you can clear the karmic threads and move forward at a more accelerated pace in your evolutionary journey. By becoming aware of these events, you can begin to unravel answers to many questions as to why you act or do things in certain ways.


Pastlife Readings with Shivanti
  • Understand Repeating Patterns
  • Clarify Relationships from your Past
  • Release Hidden Talents & Abilities
  • Preempt Negative Health Situations

Shivanti guides you into the shamanic journeying experience by guiding you into the magical realms of the Lower World, Middle World and Upper World. Each realm contains certain vibrational qualities that offer you specific knowledge, guidance and healing which is accessible to a shamanic traveller by entering this altered state of consciousness. The shamanic state is between waking and asleep state and is attained by developing a focused state of attention. It is an advanced form of meditation where the goal is to direct energy flows for the purpose of gaining knowledge and wisdom about your personal path of evolution.


Shamanic Journeying with Shivanti at The 3rd Eye
  • Become familiar with the Lower, Middle and Upper World
  • Learn how to navigate energy realms via Intent
  • Explore Recapitulation to clear through blocks and resistances
  • Transform pastlife imprints and recapture lost Power
  • Recover lost pieces of yourself via Soul Retrieval

Remote Healing sessions with Shivanti
  • Experience Deep Healing & Rejuvenation
  • Safety in your own Sacred Space
  • Schedule Session Time at your Convenience
  • Enjoy Extended Time following Session
  • Release Blocked Emotions or Pain with Privacy
  • Enhances You and Your Space
  • Accelerates and Increases your Light Quotient

Remote sessions are done very much like a physical session with the exception that the healer and the client are not in the same physical space. These sessions can be very powerful for those who have the sensitivity and the awareness to shift their consciousness beyond the realms of 3D and into alignment with the 5D templates of Light. Because time and space is not important as well, the session can be received anytime you are ready. You will be notified when the session has completed and an audio recording of the session will be available with information received and any suggested guidance that was received during the session. Remote sessions combine reiki style energy healing with clairvoyant/psychic readings and intuitive spiritual guidance. All sessions use the Odyssey Sound & Light Temple.



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