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This form is ONLY if you are requesting a reading and you are NOT already a client of Shivanti. If you want a consult prior to requesting your reading, then use our Contact Us form.

If this is your first reading request, please fill out the information below. You can do this before or after you request your reading and submit your payment. You DO NOT need to fill this out if you are already a client of Shivanti.

To request any of the sessions, there is a PayPal link on each individual page which will take you to the payment process via PayPal. If you prefer to call and give us your credit card over the phone, text us first at 727.434.7433. You can also talk to Shivanti from the LiveChat link below to start with a free consult. If not around, just leave a message on this system. We respond within 2-12 hours so please check spam folder if you do not see email. We are online from 10 am to midnight each day.

By submitting this form, I understand that the information offered here is for spiritual guidance only. It is not intended to replace the mainstream forms of conventional medicines or therapies. I understand the information presented is to assist me in evolving my belief systems and to bring Light to the current situations in my life. This information does not replace that of my doctor or any other medical professional. You only need to fill this form out once for our records.


Reading Request Form

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