Sound Healing, Transformational & Ascension Music

All of the following music soundscapes are created by Gary & JoAnn Shivanti Chambers. They create music under the creative group name of ShapeshifterDNA.

Shivanti works with this music along with her sessions to enhance the work on the higher levels. We invite you to deepen your inner journeys with this powerful, transformational music called QSET (Quantum Sonic Empowerment Transmission). Each soundscape will enhance your meditations and move you deeper into shamanic journey work. We have many to choose from, Shivanti will help you in selecting just the right one for you at this time.

Visit our virtual Temple onYouTube called Temple of the Divine MUSE to listen to samples from all our our soundscapes. Join our Gold Membership for $19.95 a month to listen to all music AD Free, no titles or interruptions.

The chart to the right contains some suggestions for you to consider when deciding which soundscape you would like to purchase.


Visionary Music & Multimedia

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General Qualities within Soundscapes Name of CD/Soundscape
Stress Reduction, Relaxation, Calming, Self Healing, Transitioning, Excellent for beginners in Sound Healing and MeditationHealing, Sanctuary, TLC Journey towards Ascension, Journey of the Soul
Chakra Balancing, Grounding to Earth Grid, Loosening the Energy Body, Expanding Auric Field, Deeper engagement with Becoming the Music, Expanded Chakras 8 and beyondOdyssey Empowerment
Activating the DNA, Awakening Psychic Gifts, Releasing Dormant Gifts and Talents, Enhanced Dreaming, Lucid Dreaming, Shamanic Journeying, Plant Medicine Explorations, Psychedelic ExperiencesDNA Activation LevelOne, DNA 1.5 & DNA.L2 & DNA Level3
Connecting with Higher Self & Ascended MastersShamballa
Aligning with Angelic RealmsTouch of Angels
AscensionTLC Journey towards Ascension
Deep Grounding and Underworld Journeying, Exploration of Dark RealmsTLC Aya’s Underworld
Abundance, Rejuvenation, Awakening the Lightbody CodesReJuva
Soundscape Reviews
The work that ShapeshifterDNA is doing is in perfect synchronisity with the changing world. As we enter the Third Millennium the knowledge we need to possess will be passed to us through talented artists with strength and determination, coupled with instinctual and shamanistic talents. I have always felt that music affects ones inner being, a very powerful tool that has yet to be explored. ShapeshifterDNA is an innovator in this area. Their work is truly worthy of the description –Shamans. — D.G., Aruba
I was able to “feel” the music so deeply within me, instead of just hearing it with my ears. I really got in touch with the power contained within the vibrations of sound — very profound connection for me to make, since I have had trouble understanding the concepts behind sound healing. The music literally brought my whole being on adventures in the sky, the cosmos and the Universe – awesome experience. I felt like I was swirling and twirling around, pulsing in and out and expanding. I felt so much from the hands-on energy work, which I have had trouble feeling in other healing sessions I have had. It seemed that everything was so intensified and that the knowledge I was waiting to receive so desperately was right there as soon as I would ask. That night, I went to a group that I go to every week and everyone there noticed how calm and serene I was.– R.E., Boston, MA
I had pre-initiation activities during sleep 2 days after session & initiation 2 weeks later (am noticing I’m becoming more detached from my physical experience). Increased agitation with mundane job motivated me to quit 2 weeks after session (6 months earlier than planned – thank you, thank you, thank you!) This move enables me to get back to doing my Lightwork which is why I am here in the first place. I also touched into my pastlife in Atlantis, which I plan to continue to explore in more depth.– D.G., Playa Del Rey, CA
I feel this experience has strengthened me in my journey toward uncovering my wholeness. I’m getting better at taking care of me and forgiving myself for how long it seems to take me to change sometimes. During the week following my sound healing session, I often felt unreal, other worldly and somewhat light-headed — I utilized these time to meditate deeply with some very profound and powerful results. This experience also helped me to bring some repressed sexual guilt to the surface which I had previously been afraid to explore. — M.F., Milton, FL

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