Remote Healing sessions with Shivanti
  • Deep Healing & Rejuvenation
  • Comfort in your own Sacred Space
  • Aligns & Balances Energy Field
  • Deeper time following Session in your own Space


The Remote Healing sessions includes balancing chakras, harmonizing the auric layers, pastlife imprints released and more. In order to receive the benefits from these sessions, one must have strong awareness of the vibrational energy fields. Many areas can be explored from this session, which will be discussed prior to your session.

The unique piece about these sessions is that time is not a factor – there is no Time. Shivanti will bring through the session as guided and will let you know when you can receive it. Guidance will be offered to give you the optimal experience for this healing experience.

Remote healings can focus energy no matter the distance. Because Shivanti has the ability to SEE into your energy field, she can navigate through the various layers to find significant points that are calling for attention. She will bring that information through for you so that you can also work with it and bring it to a higher state of healing and transformation. Spiritual Guidance is also a part of this session as a follow up. The images below are samples of the layout created from a session, which you receive to use as a focusing tool.

All Sessions are done in the Odyssey Sound & Light Healing Temple

Session Details

This session done in the Odyssey Sound & Light Temple and a table layout is created for your session which is later photographed and sent to you as a focusing tool. Any guidance Shivanti receives is recorded and sent to you following the session. Follow up spiritual guidance is also part of the session via email.

It is important that you already understand how to receive and work with remote energy healing. Free Consult is always available before if you want to ask questions and/or get a feel for the energy to see if it is for you.

This is a remote session, there is no need to set a specific time, but Shivanti will let you know when session begins and ends. She may also send you notes if guided during the session. She will also let you know what music she is working with during the session, which you should also work with to enhance the vibrational healing experience.

6 Month Transformational Sessions

If you are at a place in your life where you are going through an intense transformation process, then it is suggested that you consider a series of 6 sessions – one per month. Spiritual Guidance and intuitive readings accompany these sessions throughout the month via email. This will give you an opportunity to have support during this potentially challenging time.  Email Shivanti if you are interested in this to set up an initial consult.

These sessions are for those who have experience in working with the vibrational realms of healing and don’t require beginner information. It is also important that you plan to be committed to the 6 month process before signing up. Sessions are $70 each or $390 if you pay for all 6 at once.


Remote Healing Reviews
My sessions with Shivanti have been among the most important of all the healing work I’ve had done over the years. The devotion given to my session and the sincere follow ups were so very much appreciated. I can easily recognize the signature of highly skilled spiritual beings who have developed very high frequency modalities to assist those who engage them for opportunities to align to the greater realities we came here to participate in. Thank you so much for your Presence and Wisdom! — TH

Energy Exchange: $225.00 

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