Shamanic Journeying with Shivanti at The 3rd Eye
  • Learn how to anchor your consciousness in multidimensional realms
  • Become familiar with the Lower, Middle and Upper World
  • Learn how to navigate energy realms via Intent
  • Explore Recapitulation to clear through blocks and resistances
  • Transform pastlife imprints and recapture lost Power
  • Explore stalking and dreaming states
  • Learn how to manifest dreams and desires from an energetic perspective
  • Ground energy into tangible results and actions
  • Release old patterns or people from your environment
  • Recover lost pieces of yourself via Soul Retrieval
  • Integrate all incoming waves of energy more easily that present your life with chaotic situations
  • Discover pastlife imprints that may be causing issues in your life today and clear them
Shivanti guides you into the shamanic journeying experience by guiding you into the magical realms of the Lower World, Middle World and Upper World. Each realm contains certain vibrational qualities that offer you specific knowledge, guidance and healing which is accessible to a shamanic traveller by entering this altered state of consciousness. The shamanic state is between waking and asleep state and is attained by developing a focused state of attention. It is an advanced form of meditation where the goal is to direct energy flows for the purpose of gaining knowledge and wisdom about your personal path of evolution.

Using both ancient and modern shamanic style techniques for traveling into the many dimensional realms of Light, you will learn how to create anchor points to focus energy, so that you can revisit these locations in your personal meditation and transformational journeys. Shivanti will teach you at whatever level you are currently at and assist you to advance at a pace that easily integrates with your current life path. You will learn how to do these sessions on your own so that you can receive guidance and information as needed for your personal evolutionary journey.

From Shivanti:

I wanted to share with you some info about working with me to develop and/or enhance your shamanic journeying. When one first begins to navigate inner space, it is very difficult to hold focus. The mind tends to wander and skip around quite a bit, which makes the journey a bit disjointed at first. By having a shamanic guide assist you initially to set up some anchor points or places of reference, it can make your personal journeys much more productive and informative. At first, it can be like landing in a very strange world, but as you learn to hold your focus for longer and longer periods of time, you will eventually begin to be able to gain a foothold into these many multidimensional realms of Light. This will facilitate your personal growth and spiritual development programs greatly by helping you to bring forth tangible information that you can work with to make permanent and lasting changes in your life. Shamanic journey work can also be used to awaken and open up your dormant creative abilities and healing gifts.

A shamanic guide can assist you by directing the energy flows and showing you places where you can start to explore and navigate your consciousness with more confidence and comfort. It is also very helpful to have a guide with you when you first start to go into the shadow aspects of self. It is challenging to stay connected to these darker spaces when you are left to manage your own consciousness as the natural tendency will be to deflect and redirect the energy. I will keep you on track with the goals you set forth.

My initial training in this work evolved from a psychology and a bodywork background. I was trained in a gestalt type of therapy which focuses on mindfulness within the present moment. My deeper training was in Psychosynthesis, which is a spiritually based therapy where the therapist works with spiritual teachings and principles to bring fragments of one’s personality into a state of balance. One of the primary techniques in this process is to utilize the clients Higher Self as a guide to assist in bringing the pieces of self into harmony with each other. When this is combined with a higher level of shamanic journeying ability by the therapist, you can access much information that is often difficult to access alone. I received my shamanic rebirth initiation in 1990 in the Amazon jungles with some native shamans and continue to receive teachings from this initial transmission to this day. During this journey, I reawakened my skills from several of my pastlives in this area of the healing arts. My inner sight (clairvoyance) skills continue to sharpen with my daily use of the multidimensional music by ShapeshifterDNA, which is the best tool I can offer to assist you in learning how to navigate the higher realms.

All of the soundscapes in the ShapeshifterDNA catalog are great for shamanic journeying, but the 3 below are really excellent to start with to explore each realm in more detail.

TLC Underworld by ShapeshifterDNA

TLC Underworld – Excellent for exploring the Lower Worlds, seeking power animals and exploring shadow aspects of Self.

5th World Emerging by ShapeshifterDNA

TLC 5th World Emerging — excellent for exploring the Middle Worlds to start learning how to shift more easily from the 3D realms to the more etheric realms of the emerging 5th World of Light.

TLC Journey Towards Ascension by ShapeshifterDNA

TLC Journey towards Ascension — excellent for exploring the Upper Worlds and connecting with guides, master teachers and multidimensional realms.

During these journeys you will explore your current life patterns that may be holding you back from living fully in your joy states, as well as finding links to pastlife imprints that are contributing factors. Shivanti will always work within your comfort levels and provide as much safety and respect for your personal ability in these areas.

Session Details

 First you will receive a recorded guided journey to help you start to set anchor points in preparation for your shamanic journey session. You will spend several days or longer depending on your previous experience with this exercise and then a phone session will be scheduled with Shivanti. It is suggested to meditate at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled session time. Session is done via phone, no video. Email follow up after session for final questions or phone if needed.

For those who are new to Shamanic Journeying, the first session is a combination of learning about the work and then doing an actual session. Follow-up sessions are for those who have worked with Shivanti before or have already had Shamanic Journeying experiences.

Shamanic Journeying Reviews
This was what I was looking for but had no idea what it was called. It was amazing, from the moment I started to work with the audio I knew that was what I needed to find the answers deep within me. I knew there were corners and crevices where this information was stored in my consciousness but I never knew there was such a technique that would enable to me to access it so easily. I love this work and Shivanti was such an amazing guide to have. -JC

Once you have completed your initial Spiritual MRI, you can request individual Shamanic Journey Sessions ($225). Email Shivanti to request this session.

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