Aura Portraits with Shivanti at The 3rd Eye
Aura Reading with Shivanti
  • See your Auric energy patterns through the eyes of a gifted clairvoyant
  • Uncover Core Level patterns that may be blocking greater flow in your life
  • Monitor your Spiritual Progress by observing changes in your field over time
  • Discover pastlife energy imprints
  • Understand karmic energy patterns
  • Become aware of connections with higher beings of Light
  • Tune in to potential physical problems
  • Learn how to utilize the higher vibrational energy in your auric field to evolve

Shivanti offers you a graphic portrait of your auric energy field, which spans from layer 1 through 15. Shivanti uses her awakened clairvoyant abilities along with her computer graphics skills to create these Aura Portrait images. When she tunes into your vibrational field, she receives images, pictures and textures from your auric field. These impressions are then painted to a graphic image of a body form. Once you spend several days meditating on the image provided, she will provide an audio interpretation of your portrait to give you more in-depth information about the imagery.

Shivanti focuses on core level issues and their surrounding energy patterns. This provides you with information that is most important to your current timeline. Pastlife imprints will emerge within these imprints as well as some current life issues. Sometimes it is important to clear away a less traumatic energy pattern before some of the deeper level core issues can be viewed. All readings come with suggested courses of action that you can choose to take to initiate a healing and a transformational process. Meditation suggestions may also be given to help clear any negative patterns, as well as usage of multidimensional music from ShapeshifterDNA to further assist you in this work.

You can receive these readings at minimum every 3-4 months, as they will be different each time you receive one. This is due to the fact that you are a complex energy system, constantly changing with your thoughts and experiences. Portraits are an excellent way to monitor the spiritual growth work you are doing in your life, as the portraits reflect this evolution with each successive one. These readings are to be interpreted in a symbolic way, representing a tool in which to communicate the essence of an energy pattern within you. Suggestions to evolve these patterns should also be done in a symbolic way, using various meditative techniques, repatterning and creative visualization to discover hidden truths and belief systems. Shamanic healing techniques are advised as well. Shivanti can offer additional guidance as needed to help you on your unfolding spiritual journey.

Sample Aura Portraits

Aura Portraits with Shivanti at The 3rd Eye Aura Portraits with Shivanti at The 3rd Eye Aura Portraits with Shivanti at The 3rd Eye Aura Portraits with Shivanti at The 3rd Eye Aura Portraits with Shivanti at The 3rd Eye
Aura Portraits with Shivanti at The 3rd Eye Aura Portraits with Shivanti at The 3rd Eye Aura Portraits with Shivanti at The 3rd Eye Aura Portraits with Shivanti at The 3rd Eye Aura Portraits with Shivanti at The 3rd Eye

Check out a Sample Aura Portrait & Reading

Session Details
You will initially receive your aura portrait as a graphic image in a folder. By viewing the imagery and meditating on each section, you will do your own self interpretation of your portrait initially. Meditate on each piece of the Aura Portrait. Make notes on what you feel, sense and perceive within each section of the portrait. In several days, Shivanti will send you an audio recording of her interpretation of what was received. At this point, you will spend some time reviewing the information and follow up with an email asking any additional questions you may have about the reading. Several email exchanges are available so that you feel comfortable with the information received. Spiritual guidance will also be given to help you make the necessary shifts to lift the light energy as well as how to connect deeper with the higher energy readings. Ideal for those on the transformation journey of ascension.
Aura Portrait Reviews
Shivanti’s Aura reading was truly priceless. It brought me not only the clarity that I was seeking amongst the sophisticated mesh of lies that society beholds, but also brought greater strength in my own intuition through the invaluable process of correspondence over skype and endless hours over chat, and the pertaining decryption process of it all has been demonstrably empowering in my life. In a society where regression is viewed as progress, talented beings like Shivanti are always undervalued, and to get an opportunity for the real deal, is thus very rare a find. So don’t listen to your ego/societal-hypnosis/sheep-based conditioning, instead listen and follow your heart, we have a true gem in Shivanti. She has through her precise insights, opened my mind to higher dimensions of possibility and therefore existence and thereby strengthened a domino effect from me to my surroundings ever more so. Not a raver here, just reporting my precise experiences. My opinion, Shivanti – Definately recommended! – Raman, Australia

I’ve been assisted before by psychics, spiritual counsellors, But the reading I received by Shivanti, one of your gifted psychics, was so accurate, so in depth and CLEAR, I must say it’s the best I’ve ever come across. I now know where my issues lie, a good deal of why AND what steps I need to take to overcome them. Practical, educational, evolutionary guidance from a gifted, loving, spiritual individual. I can’t thank you enough! –Susan

When I first discovered this site I was reluctant to try a new spiritual tour. My aura portrait was specific and gave me intuitive guidance and nurtured positive meditative experiences. I enjoyed the connection with Shivanti and plan to continue on my journey along with The 3rd Eye. This is a sincere place to experience spiritual growth and understanding! – Denise

Once you have completed your initial Spiritual MRI, you can request individual aura portraits along with Shivanti’s interpretation ($150). Email Shivanti to request this session.

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