Spiritual MRI
I  highly recommend JoAnn Shivanti and her materials. I found her work extremely helpful in releasing old patterns and emotional baggage I had carried throughout my life. It is time to let go and move on with all this higher energy and guidance coming into our planet. She has facilitated a major breakthrough for me. Thanks, PJM

Aura Portraits


Shivanti’s Aura reading was truly priceless. It brought me not only the clarity that I was seeking amongst the sophisticated mesh of lies that society beholds, but also brought greater strength in my own intuition through the invaluable process of correspondence over skype and endless hours over chat, and the pertaining decryption process of it all has been demonstrably empowering in my life. In a society where regression is viewed as progress, talented beings like Shivanti are always undervalued, and to get an opportunity for the real deal, is thus very rare a find. So don’t listen to your ego/societal-hypnosis/sheep-based conditioning, instead listen and follow your heart, we have a true gem in Shivanti. She has through her precise insights, opened my mind to higher dimensions of possibility and therefore existence and thereby strengthened a domino effect from me to my surroundings ever more so. Not a raver here, just reporting my precise experiences. My opinion, Shivanti – Definately recommended! – Raman, Australia

I’ve been assisted before by psychics, spiritual counsellors, et.al. But the reading I received by Shivanti, one of your gifted psychics, was so accurate, so in depth and CLEAR, I must say it’s the best I’ve ever come across. I now know where my issues lie, a good deal of why AND what steps I need to take to overcome them. Practical, educational, evolutionary guidance from a gifted, loving, spiritual individual. I can’t thank you enough! –Susan snue@worldnet.att.net

When I first discovered this site I was reluctant to try a new spiritual tour. My aura portrait was specific and gave me intuitive guidance and nurtured positive meditative experiences. I enjoyed the connection with Shivanti and plan to continue on my journey along with The 3rd Eye. This is a sincere place to experience spiritual growth and understanding! – Denise

Pastlife Readings


My pastlife reading was so right on, it summed up everything that was going on in my life. It was like it all clicked together.I was truly amazed. My reader’s insight floored me. I definetely have a lot of work to do,now I least know where to begin.thank-you so much, I hope you stick around to bring light to all those who ask. thank-you — Vicky
The past life reading done with Shivanti has been immensly beneficial to me. A lot of questions which had been bothering me have been satisfactorily answered. And not only that, the reading has cleared up a lot of confusion regarding my purpose this lifetime which was one of my primary concerns while applying for the reading. It has laid the groundwork for the evolution of my soul by showing me the path to follow this lifetime. I am very much grateful to Shivanti and I hope she will keep providing me with guidance as I embark on my spiritual path. There are still miles to go… –DP Kaur
I would like to thank The 3rd Eye for connecting me with a wonderful reader. The past life reading Shivanti gave me was an emotional journey that has answered so many questions concerning my current life patterns. I will take this information given me and will now move forward in my spiritual growth. This reading was completely professional and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious in finding solutions to current life patterns that they did not understand. I am looking forward to using other services provided by The 3rd Eye in the near future. – Denise, NC

Intuitive Guidance


This service has the integrity to relate unpleasant things as well, and the dedication to help resolving them. — Carl
Chakra Reading & Balancing


During my recent chakra balancing session, I listened to The Odyssey CD. As I focused deeper on the music, the notes began to drift around the room, creating an omni-sound effect, which is a higher dimensional level of experience through sound. During most of the session, my predominant feeling was of peace and tranquility. After the session, the reading provided pinpoint clarity as to what indicators of change were necessary relating to certain chakra imbalances. It was clearly pointed out what the root causes of the imbalances were, and positive solutions were provided in order to make those changes on a core level. This work is very powerful and was most effective in resolving unhealthy issues that have affected me for most of my life. I am very grateful to be associated with the founders of The 3rd Eye and Visionary Music. — C.J.Allen, Albuquerque, NM

Vibrational Healing Sessions/DNA Activation


My sessions with Shivanti have been among the most important of all the healing work I’ve had done over the years. The devotion given to my session and the sincere follow ups were so very much appreciated. I can easily recognize the signature of highly skilled spiritual beings who have developed very high frequency modalities to assist those who engage them for opportunities to align to the greater realities we came here to participate in. Thank you so much for your Presence and Wisdom! — Teresa Helms, RN MatterSpeak Matrix Facilitator

Channeled Music (no longer available)


The work that ShapeshifterDNA is doing is in perfect synchronisity with the changing world. As we enter the Third Millennium the knowledge we need to possess will be passed to us through talented artists with strength and determination, coupled with instinctual and shamanistic talents. I have always felt that music affects ones inner being, a very powerful tool that has yet to be explored. ShapeshifterDNA is an innovator in this area. Their work is truly worthy of the description –Shamans. — D.G., Aruba
I was able to “feel” the music so deeply within me, instead of just hearing it with my ears. I really got in touch with the power contained within the vibrations of sound — very profound connection for me to make, since I have had trouble understanding the concepts behind sound healing. The music literally brought my whole being on adventures in the sky, the cosmos and the Universe – awesome experience. I felt like I was swirling and twirling around, pulsing in and out and expanding. I felt so much from the hands-on energy work, which I have had trouble feeling in other healing sessions I have had. It seemed that everything was so intensified and that the knowledge I was waiting to receive so desperately was right there as soon as I would ask. That night, I went to a group that I go to every week and everyone there noticed how calm and serene I was.– R.E., Boston, MA
I had pre-initiation activities during sleep 2 days after session & initiation 2 weeks later (am noticing I’m becoming more detached from my physical experience). Increased agitation with mundane job motivated me to quit 2 weeks after session (6 months earlier than planned – thank you, thank you, thank you!) This move enables me to get back to doing my Lightwork which is why I am here in the first place. I also touched into my pastlife in Atlantis, which I plan to continue to explore in more depth.– D.G., Playa Del Rey, CA
I feel this experience has strengthened me in my journey toward uncovering my wholeness. I’m getting better at taking care of me and forgiving myself for how long it seems to take me to change sometimes. During the week following my sound healing session, I often felt unreal, other worldly and somewhat light-headed — I utilized these time to meditate deeply with some very profound and powerful results. This experience also helped me to bring some repressed sexual guilt to the surface which I had previously been afraid to explore. — M.F., Milton, FL

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