Guided Journeys to Enhance Meditations & Shamanic Journeying

One of the best ways to begin learning how to meditate is to start by listening to guided journeys. Shivanti has created many guided journeys throughout her healing journey to help herself and others attain a deeper state of relaxation and an expansion of meditation experiences. New guided journeys are now being added to the DNAvatar Program which Shivanti has been creating content for based on the last 40 years of her personal experiences and with thousands of clients all over the world. She is also available for custom guided journeys. If this is of interest to you, contact Shivanti via email or Live Chat to talk about your ideas. Listen to a sample guided journey.


Sample Guided Journey

by Shivanti | ShapeshifterDNA


Beginner’s Relaxation — learn how to use breath to relax the body and move into a deeper state of relaxation, engages with color to enhance your awareness to subtle energy (24 min)


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