Chakra Readings with Shivanti
Chakra Balancing Reading with Shivanti at The 3rd Eye
  • Learn about the current condition of your Chakra System (12 main chakras/7 front & 5 back – higher chakras read for some)
  • Utilizing the chakra system, learn how to become more self empowered
  • Understand the personality traits connected to each chakra
  • See how much energy you are receiving at each chakra
  • Understand the interrelationship between the chakras and how it affects your personality development
  • Monitor your spiritual development work with regular portraits
  • Discover where potential problems may occur so that you can avoid future dramas
  • Learn how to charge your chakra system for more balance & centeredness

Side image of ChakrasShivanti provides you with a core level Chakra Reading of your 12 main focus points, which means the ones that you operate from at the foundation level of your being, not the one that shifts and changes depending on the activity you are involved in. Shivanti has developed a very high level of clairvoyant and intuitive abilities to bring these readings through for you. She uses dowsing techniques and clairvoyant vision as her method to determine the spin and functioning status of each chakra, both the front and the back aspects (see Symbols chart below). Using the basic information from the Personality Traits Chart below, she will then give you an audio recorded interpretation of how your current chakra patterns are affecting your life.

Understanding your personal chakra system can be as valuable as understanding the functioning of any of the other complex systems within the bio-energetic matrix that encompasses the whole of who you are. Once you have an understanding of the functions and relations that each chakra has to your overall personality makeup, the better you will be able to understand why you are experiencing certain situations in your life. With that understanding, you will be able to make the adjustments, with the control of your consciousness, directly to the chakra that is causing an imbalance. You can review the charts and diagrams below to help you understand the different aspects of each chakra position. There are many different ways to understand and interpret the chakra system. For the purposes of this chakra reading, these charts will provide you with our diagnostic system along with many other teachings also incorporated.

In addition to this reading, she also has a 1 Minute Chakra Balancing Course that you can work with to maintain your chakras. This is available in the DNAvatar Program developed by Shivanti (contact us for more info). 

Sample of Chakra Reading with Shivanti


You can receive these chakra readings every 3-4 months to chart your progress, as they will be different each time you receive one. You also want to give yourself time to make the necessary shifts in your field with your own spiritual growth processes. The changes occur gradually as you are a complex energy system, constantly changing with your thoughts and experiences. For change to take place you will need to make a conscious effort to change the circumstances in your life that may be contributing to your blocks or resistances. Shivanti will provide you with suggestions and meditations to assist you in bringing your chakras towards a state of balance. This is an excellent way to monitor the spiritual growth work you are doing and to stay focused on what is important to be working on to allow for the greatest continuity of flow in your life. This is also where using the multidimensional QSET music from ShapeshifterDNA will play a key role in assisting you during these shifts.

Personality Traits Associated with the Chakras

Chakra Position Traits & Qualities Reflected
The amount of physical energy available and one’s will to live in 3D reality, Ability to be grounded in 3D reality and to actualize higher visions, Ability to draw energy up into physical form, Enlivens Central Channel to sense and feel what is occurring in physical body for purposes of intervening earlier during healing crisis prevention — Power, Vitality, Physical Energy, Stability, Actualization Ability
2F (Sacral Front) Center of expression for sexuality and creativity, reflects the ability to connect with another human on a deeply physical and spiritual level, both giving and receiving, As one evolves, energy shifts more towards creativity than procreative/sexual desires, Ideal to seek balance in both expressions – Personal Expression, Sexuality, Creativity, Confidence, Ability to Love
2B (Sacral Back) Reflects the amount of energy one has available for sexual & creative expression, much like battery pack reservior for storing energy for later use – Energy, Expression
3F (Solar Plexus Front) Your personal power center that expresses the level of connection you feel to living your life to the fullest expression of your desires, a way in which you put yourself out in the world around you – Personal Power, Grounded in Purpose & Life’s Goals, Manifestation, Connectedness
3B (Solar Plexus Back) Reflects one’s relationship between their life and their feelings toward their physical body, the level of caring towards the physical – Health, Diet, Exercise, Inner Love
4F (Heart Front) This center opens a person’s feelings of Love for humanity and an ability to connect in a loving space with other human beings – Love, Compassion, Empathy, Caring, Sharing
4B (Heart Back) The ego’s expression lies in this chakra and depending on the persons ability to manifest what they want, it can be too aggressive or too passive, It reflects how one feels about themself with regards to self worth – Ego, Will, Determination, Self Esteem
5F (Throat Front) Reflects the ability to speak and ask for what one needs and wants in life in order to accomplish their goals – Self-Reliant, Responsible, Accountability
5B (Throat Back) Speaks to the position one holds in socieity and within their chosen profession, Career Path being in alignment with Spiritual Path – Self-Worth, Accomplishments, Status, Success, Spiritual Alignment with Path and Purpose
6F (Third Eye Front) The ability to visualize, conceptualize and formulate ideas and comprehend the mental constructs necessary to create, as being received from the higher centers – Visualization, Actualization, Understanding
6B (Third Eye Back) Whether a person can follow through and implement his ideas and concepts, putting higher visions into tangible action plans, steps of tangible results needed – Action, Integrity, Follow-thru
7 (Crown) A person’s connection to the Divine Source, Alignment with Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Teachers, Masters, etc. – Spiritual, Transcendence, Ascension, Soul Path & Purpose
While each of these main chakra points are responsible for specific aspects of one’s personality makeup, it is the combined energy between them that really needs to be understood – it is fine to have an open third eye (6F), but if the back (6B) is closed or low, then one will not be able to fully see the steps needed to actualize their visions, plus if 4B were closed, one would not have confidence in themself to put plans into action. If 3F were also closed, then one would lack personal power to believe they could acutally do what their visions are showing. It is a complex holographic system and each chakra depends on the others to fully function as a whole being. Shivanti will be able to teach you how to understand your chakras and balance them so you can learn which ones you might want to charge up depending on the tasks or goals you are trying to achieve.

Symbols for Chakra Reading

The following symbols are used to diagnosis your chakra system. A chakra functioning at its optimal level is C6 (clockwise 6″). Refer to your specific reading using this chart as a guideline. Ideally for those on a dedicated spiritual path, one should have mostly C and V readings, at about a 3-4 range, with the eventual goal of all C6s, but this takes time and much spiritual growth to attain. Those on a dedicated spiritual path fluctuate now between Cs and Vs as we are all integrating higher and higher levels of the incoming frequencies.

Be sure that you are using the soundscapes from ShapeshifterDNA on a daily basis to continue to increase, balance and integrate these incoming waves. Start with the 1 Minute Chakra Balancing Program to balance, ground and expand your field, then gradually start working with all the other soundscapes in the catalog as they will assist you in all areas of your evolutionary journey. The Odyssey soundscape comes with an optional guided journey to help you learn how to balance your chakras. Check out our Products pages on this site for Guided Journeys and our suggestions for the Soundscapes.

Code Meaning Indication
C Clockwise Open – receiving energy from Universal
Energy Field (UEF) – desired position, flowing energy
CC Counter Clockwise Closed/Blocked – not
receiving energy from UEF
E Eliptical Right/Left Imbalance
of Energy Flow – Ambivalence, Indecisions, Inablity to make Decisions, Vascilating
L Left Feminine Side of Body
– passive energy expression
R Right Masculine Side of Body
– aggressive energy expression
H Horizontal Diverting Energy Down
towards the physical realm – Avoiding full responsibility, Shifting away from Higher Realms
V Verticle Diverting Energy Up
to the spiritual realms – Avoiding full responsibility, Shifting away from Physical Realms
AS Axis Shift Tremendous changes
taking place – Chaos, Off Balance, Resistance to Change, Denial
NM or —- No Movement Chakra in Transition – Energy may also be partially Blocked to allow for a shift to occur, Chakras move to NM prior to making their next shift, Desirable for those working on spiritual path, Can be a block for those in resistance stance
1 through 6 Diameter of Spin Amount of Energy being
received – 3 is average
Once more balance is attained, they will all increase to the 6 range gradually, can also be lower reading when chakra is in a transition (NM) process
Session Details

You Chakra Reading begins with receiving your chakra portrait as a graphic image in a folder. You will review the information in the charts presented above to do a self interpretation of your portrait. Meditate on what you receive and make notes. In several days, Shivanti will send you an audio recording of the reading in your DropBox folder. At this point, you will spend some time reviewing the information and follow up with emails asking any additional questions you may have about the reading.

Chakra Reading Reviews
During my recent chakra balancing session, I listened to The Odyssey CD. As I focused deeper on the music, the notes began to drift around the room, creating an omni-sound effect, which is a higher dimensional level of experience through sound. During most of the session, my predominant feeling was of peace and tranquility. After the session, the reading provided pinpoint clarity as to what indicators of change were necessary relating to certain chakra imbalances. It was clearly pointed out what the root causes of the imbalances were, and positive solutions were provided in order to make those changes on a core level. This work is very powerful and was most effective in resolving unhealthy issues that have affected me for most of my life. I am very grateful to be associated with the founders of The 3rd Eye and Visionary Music. — C.J.Allen, Albuquerque, NM

Once you have completed your initial Spiritual MRI, you can request individual chakra readings which can include a portrait only ($50) and/or a portrait along with Shivanti’s interpretation ($100). Email Shivanti to request this session.

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