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Sessions with Shivanti at The 3rd Eye are not based on any religion or specific set of teachings, rather she embraces the Light in all of these multi-faceted reality constructs. She prefers to remain open and eclectic in her approch to the spiritual journey. She is a shamanic traveller who has spent many lifetimes traversing the multidimensional realms and it is from that experience that she offers evolutionary spiritual guidance to you in the form of the sessions presented here.

Personal transformation requires the examination of many belief systems; those you have adopted from society and family teachings. The core of our shared existence is at the threshold of change – it is time for new beliefs to come fully into being. This transition will illuminate the way we interact with ourselves, family, friends and our environment as we move into a new, more expansive way of being.

The 3rd Eye offers you personal one-on-one guidance in discarding limiting concepts that no longer serve your quest for evolutionary purpose on planet Earth. If you are willing to embrace change, Shivanti will open your mind and your heart. Your consciousness will expand and your life will flow in alignment with the planetary shifts that are now upon us.

Shivanti encourages you to use the multidimensional QSET soundscapes by ShapeshifterDNA at Visionary Music & Multimedia to enhance the effectiveness of all her sessions. This extensive body of work is created by JoAnn Shivanti and her husband, Gary Chambers. Gary composes all the music from a higher state of connection with Source Vibration. You will find them very helpful to work with as they assist to increase your Light Quotient and guide you along on your evolutionary awakening process. These soundscapes build the frequency maps for humanity’s current ascension process.

If you want to learn more about how to use Sound Healing, DNA Activation and QSET sounds, Shivanti can help you understand and implement the soundscapes in to your life to assist you on your journey. Starting in 2020, Shivanti also started the DNAvatar Program which she will be recommending as a place to gradually learn more about the power of Sound. Music & Sound is one of the most profound tools that you can use during these times to consistently help you to increase the Light energy around you at all times. It is not necessary to have any of the soundscapes before you get a reading, however it is highly recommended to get started with the beginning soundscapes as soon as you can. You can take the FREE courses in the DNAvatar Program called “Toe Dipping for Newbies” and “Introduction to the DNAvatar Program.” In addition, the music is available to listen to on the Temple of the Divine MUSE YouTube Channel. In addition to the music, you will also find there psychedelic visuals that will help you in your awakening journy by stimulating the 3rd Eye to open along with guided journeys and meditations and podcasts.

Shivanti is dedicated to a life path of assisting individuals through this transformational process of integrating the higher vibrations into one’s life in a balanced way. She will assist by teaching higher principles of Lightbody/Ascension dynamics and how you can use this knowledge in your daily life to create solutions to real-world challenges and situations. The soundscapes are used as energetic support to help you to integrate the higher frequencies flowing on the planet in ever increasing waves.

Guidance available on this site should be considered Intuitive Spiritual Guidance and not a psychic reading. Shivanti does not offer any prophecies or definitive guidance on what path you should choose to walk, she only points you in the energetic directions that hold the highest frequencies of Light. She is here to empower you to shine your Light. If you are not clear on the difference between a psychic reader and a spiritual guide, please review this blog post — Intuitive Spiritual Guidance vs. Psychic Readings

Shivanti is available to chat with you before you begin with a reading so you can get to know her better before getting started. You can click on LiveChat below. If she is not around, just leave a message and she will get back to you. You can also start with a $5 Mini Reading first just to see if you feel a connection with the energy.

To learn more about Shivanti and her personal journey, visit her bio page.

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