Live Events & Online Classes

Shivanti has offered a variety of events, classes and workshops in the St. Petersburg, Florida area for many years. At this time, she is focusing only through the virtual world of teaching by putting all her various workshops, webinars, books and classes online. Visit DNAvatar for classes – also students receive discounts on all 3rd Eye services and some free music downloads.

In addition, she has also entered the Metaverse world of AltSpaceVR (ASVR). She has built a temple in this VR space called MUSE. There will be classes and events offered here that will open up a whole new way of engaging and interacting with her content.

Temple of the Divine MUSE

MUSE Events Schedule

Classes in Sound Healing and adventures in VR Meditation Worlds. Be sure to sign up to her email list below so that you will be notified if any future events are scheduled.

Temple of the Divine MUSE

To engage with MUSE, you will need to download the AltSpace VR app to your desktop. You do not need VR glasses to enjoy this space. Instructions and tutorials are available to get you started.



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