Sound Healing Room

The Odyssey can be used for……

  • Reducing stress and creating peaceful and heart-centered states
  • Enhancing meditation experiences
  • Increasing self-healing abilities
  • Grounding 5D higher frequencies to 3D
  • Initiating shamanic & higher consciousness explorations
  • Increasing vitality and overall well-being
  • Stimulating the pineal/pituitary gland to awaken third eye visions
  • Accelerating advanced learning processes and whole brain thinking
  • Enhancing body/mind/spirit connections
  • Awakening higher creativity
  • Releasing intuitive & psychic gifts
  • Activating multi-strand DNA
  • Balancing chakras and expanding auric field
  • Stimulating lucid and higher dreaming states
  • Increasing synchronicities and manifestation abilities
  • Assists with attracting one’s intentions via harmonic resonance with greater matrix
  • Aligning one with abundance on all levels
  • Invoking profound Physical Transformation (rejuvenation, anti-aging)
  • …..and more

JoAnn Shivanti has been offering sound healing & massage sessions in the Odyssey Sound & Light Healing space since 1989. Using this Sound Healing space, she has worked with thousands of clients both in physical realm and remotely using this sound healing room. It is a powerful space for getting in touch with your Divine Essence. Any of the sessions on this site can be done in the Odyssey. Consult with Shivanti when you are ready to schedule your session.

Private sessions are available by appointment. Contact JoAnn Shivanti

2 Hour Sessions \ Shamanic SOUND HEALING  $200
(includes chakra balancing, energy healing, shamanic sound healing & Shamanic Journeying for soul retrieval, pastlife release via Upper, Middle, Lower world explorations)

These sessions are a deep style of transformational therapy and one should be prepared for emotional release work.

All sessions are customized for the clients needs at each session
Remote Healing Sessions Also Available

Odyssey Sound & Light Healing Temple

The Odyssey is an open-ended Energy Enhancement Environment (EEE) designed to explore the frontiers on the leading edge of consciousness research; embracing all aspects of holistic health care services in the management and prevention of stress related issues. These Sound Healing rooms are created to be a magical place, a space where you can get in touch with the unlimited energy of your essence and to connect with the vast empowerment of Source vibration enabling you to de-stress and find your way back towards balance in your life. The expansive energy available in these EEE’s allow you to reconnect with the sense of wonder and aliveness you experienced as a child. It can take you to worlds of freedom and magic where all things are possible. It can also assist you in grounding those dreams, desires and visions back into 3D reality for tangible manifestations in your life.

The Odyssey Sound & Light Temple is an Energy Enhancement Environment (EEE) designed and created by Gary & JoAnn Chambers from Visionary Music & Multimedia. The room can be used to enhance all types of healing, rejuvenation and transformational processes.

The Odyssey contains…..

  • a high end custom designed sound table
  • a state of the art surround sound system
  • a multidimensional color lighting system
  • various sacred geometric forms
  • crystals, power objects & tachyonized items
  • visionary art
  • a sacred, self generating, self replenishing vortex of Light


Session Details

These sessions are available to those in the St. Petersburg, Florida area. If you are planning to travel to this area, be sure to set up a time for a visit. Contact Shivanti directly to set up an appointment time. You can discuss what you would like to do for your session at that time.

These sessions are considered transformational in that during each session we will be raising your vibrational energy to a level that you have not yet attained. Once you reach a new frequency level, you then have the ability to reach that state on your own during meditation and shamanic journeying sessions. Guidance will be offered during the session to assist client in follow up practices to enhance the effects.


Totally awesome experience, I’m blown away, beyond words to describe. -PT
I had pre-initiation activities during sleep 2 days after session & initiation 2 weeks later (am noticing I’m becoming more detached from my physical experience). Increased agitation with mundane job motivated me to quit 2 weeks after session (6 months earlier than planned – thank you, thank you, thank you!) This move enables me to get back to doing my Lightwork which is why I am here in the first place. I also touched into my pastlife in Atlantis, which I plan to continue to explore in more depth. — D.G., Playa Del Rey, CA
I feel this experience has strengthened me in my journey toward uncovering my wholeness. I’m getting better at taking care of me and forgiving myself for how long it seems to take me to change sometimes. During the week following my sound healing session, I often felt unreal, other worldly and somewhat light-headed — I utilized these time to meditate deeply with some very profound and powerful results. This experience also helped me to bring some repressed sexual guilt to the surface which I had previously been afraid to explore. — M.F., Milton, FL

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