The 3rd Eye Spiritual Guidance with Shivanti

$5 Mini Reading Request

Thank you for requesting my $5 mini-reading today. Before you send me your question, please think about how you want to ask it. Remember this is Spiritual Guidance and not a psychic reading, which means I am not going to tell you the outcome or predict your future. I am going to read the energy surrounding a given situation. You can be brief in your question, no need to elaborate on the details, please. You can even make it as simple as saying “Tell me what is going on with this situation/person/event in my life.” You can also just ask for a general reading of your current life path. It is more important that you take some time to be in meditation and think about what it is you want to have some guidance on. This sets your intent. That is really all I need, we let spirit do the rest from there.

$5 Mini Reading Request

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