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Sample Pastlife Reading


This pastlife reading sample is just a brief offering to give you a general idea of what your reading will be like. After the inital reading is completed, several emails are exchanged in order for a person to fully comprehend the deeper meanings behind these portraits. Many questions are asked and answered between you and Shivanti.

When I begin a pastlife reading, I start by attaining a meditative state and then I tune into my client and ask to take this soul on a journey back in time with me so that we may learn some things that may be of help in this lifetime. It was extremely difficult to get your soul to trust me to guide you on this journey. There was a tremendous feeling of heaviness in terms of solid weight. In order to move forward, I had to do quite a bit of convincing that it would be OK to travel with me. This indicates to me a general lack of trust in the higher powers and an unwillingness to fully explore the spiritual realms of reality. When I was finally able to move your essence, I continued to feel the heaviness on my back. I was flying but could feel the pressure of being pushed down. You may examine this in terms of how you have related to other people around you and perhaps the expectations you have placed upon them. You should also examine your relationship with whatever you consider to be the higher power. A suggestion to let this energy into your life a little more might produce some very positive results in the outcomes of many situations that have been considered difficult thus far. The following past life will bring some light as to why this may be so.

Once we were above an area where I knew contained some energy, I landed in the middle of a very lush thick forest. The location seemed to be Irish in nature as I was very aware of nature spirits and the leprechaun energy. As I became aware of your presence in these woods, I saw a man, very large and tall. Not overweight, but large, very much like a giant. The energy surrounding him was angry and forceful. He seemed to live in this forest by himself. He was very lonely inside but had no way to express that and no one to communicate these feeling to. So instead he just buried them which creates an inner festering like an ulceration. This has most likely already manifested in some physical problem this life time such as an ulcer or heartburn. Because he was different than the others, he stayed hidden in this forest most of the time. There was a town nearby in which there were many people living. He once lived in that town, but had been cast out because he was so mean to people. There was a gift that you developed during your time in isolation which had to do with crafts of some kind. You would make these items and sell them to a man who used to come visit you. This man is part of your current life somewhere in your family. It would be a person who may not come too close to you, but keeps tabs on you from a distance. There is some awareness on your part that they care, but you also do not know how to initiate a deeper relationship. In asking the reason for this type of existence, we need to examine what qualities (positive & negative) that you have developed as a result.

Pastlife Reading questions to ask yourself are:

“How would I be different now if not for this experience?”
“What qualities did I develop in order to adjust to the environment around me?”
“If I accept laws of karma, what could I have done prior to this experience to have created this type of reaction?”
“What can I learn from this experience so that I can move forward in a positive direction?”

I will offer you some insight to help you answer these questions, but ultimately you must ask for inner guidance on these and put the pieces of the puzzle together yourself. We always learn the most from experiences of pain, so try to figure out what you did to compensate for that pain. Use your intellect here combined with opening to your own intuitive guidance. Think of positive soul qualities that you may have developed as a result of that pain, for example empathy and compassion in this lifetime for those that are different or unusual. Perhaps you are not a judgmental person now and you allow those around you to be who they are in total acceptance. Learn to accept that you evolved up through a very unconscious animalistic, aggressive nature into a more evolved, conscious being. Understand that everyone, at one time or another, has done some pretty horrible things throughout our lifetimes. In order to stop this type of negative behavior, our guidance needs to give us a deep, heartfelt experience that may last through an entire lifetime, in order for us to “Get It.”

My guidance to you to begin releasing this energy and moving forward is to meditate and visualize the scene I described above. See yourself as you are now and go into the forest and meet with this giant. Open your heart with as much Love as you know how to experience (think of someone/something that you Love very much) and with your intention send a beam of Light energy that contains the feelings of that Love right into the heart center of the giant. Just sit and experience this for as long as you feel comfortable. At some point, you can initiate a conversation and ask him questions or tell him you are his friend and assure him that you can be trusted and that you will never leave or abandon him. At any time during your sessions with the giant, I would suggest inviting any of the leprechaun energy to join you. I think you will experience some very magical feelings from them. Eventually you will clear this energy and there will no longer be an image of anything other than a bright light. When you can maintain a high level of light, bring that energy into the part of your body (specific organ) that needs the healing. You will notice improvement in this area. You will know this release within you because you will feel a lifting of heaviness and a new more empowered place of peace within.

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