Spiritual Guidance with Shivanti at The 3rd Eye
  • Discuss your personal path privately with a Spiritual Guide
  • Receive guidance on issues that you are facing in your life
  • Receive confirmation on choices and decisions that you are facing
  • Find support and guidance as you walk your path of Light
  • Explore topics of interest on your spiritual journey
  • Ask questions to help you understand how to integrate the Higher Truths into your everyday life
  • Discover who you are and why you are here
  • Uncover who you are in a place of openness, safety & trust
  • Express yourself in a place of Unconditional Love, free of judgement
  • Work energetically to create shifts in your overall energy field
  • Discover pastlife imprints that may be causing issues in your life today and clear them

Shivanti has been offering spiritual guidance to those who walk a path of Conscious Evolution for over 30 years now. This means that you are aware that you have awakened to a new level of consciousness and that you are starting to or have already become aware that you are in charge of your life path. You are willing to take full responsibility for all the events and circumstances you are currently experiencing.

This spiritual guidance is offered to you in confidence and support of your own personal mission and purpose. This guidance contains knowledge about the application of evolutionary energy and how it applies to everyday living. Shivanti believes in grounding this higher information into ways in which it can assist you to live your current 3D life without upheaval around you. In other words, it helps you bridge the gap between your spiritual world and your daily life. These insights are offered to empower you to continue to seek higher meanings in the every day circumstances of life. Shivanti is an intuitive shamanic guide, she offers guidance to empower and challenge you to seek the truths within you. While she has psychic abilities, she will not predict future outcomes, but rather show you areas that you need to focus your awareness on to create the outcomes you desire for your highest good.

Spiritual guidance is for those ready to move beyond the level of getting psychic readings that tell them what their future holds. It is for the spiritual warrior ready to take full responsibility for their life path. For more info about the difference between these types of readings, refer to Shivanti’s blog post titles – Spiritual Guidance vs. Psychic Reading.


Session Details

Sessions can be done on live chat or email, whichever is preferred. Phone is an option. You can ask any questions you want about your life path at this time and Shivanti will offer Spiritual Guidance information to help you understand some of the deeper meanings. You can explore all aspects of your spiritual journey from personal growth, relationships, financial, career path. She can offer information about your dreams, shamanic journeys, pastlife connections and whatever else you would like to talk about.

Spiritual Guidance Reviews
Very Powerful session, can’t thank you enough – FINALLY! – PT

Energy Exchange:
$1.25 Per Minute

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