Pastlife Reading with Shivanti
  • Learn about how your pastlife experiences are affecting you this lifetime
  • Understand how traumatic pastlife imprints are creating patterns in your life
  • Release layers of depression, anxiety and fears from past life imprints
  • Discover the reasons you have deja vu feelings at certain places or with different people
  • Be aware of how pastlife energy imprints might be affecting your current health
  • Gain greater understanding about some of your current life relationships because of pastlives lived together
  • Learn how to clear negative imprints and release yourself from their hold
  • Uncover hidden talents and skills that may be dormant
  • Accelerate your evolution by releasing the past

Energy Exchange:

SESSION DETAIL: Shivanti will spend several days connecting with your higher guidance in preparation to bring through the pastlife reading. She will record the reading and add it to a folder (no need for an account, but a free account is easy to setup). When you listen to the recording it is recommended that you are first in a meditative and very receptive state so that you can receive the information on all levels of your field. Following several meditations with your reading, you can follow up with questions, comments or thoughts via email, live chat, phone or Skype. Shivanti will help you to understand how this reading has impacted your life and how you can work to clear any negative information received.

Shivanti offers you a glimpse into your Past Lives which gives you an opportunity to understand patterns that you have recreated this lifetime from these past events. Shivanti believes that these pastlife scenarios may or may not be taken literally — what is important, is the emotional content that is stirred up as a result of experiencing the pastlife again. Understanding your recurring patterns and why they still have an affect on your life today is what brings about positive changes in your life. Sometimes it is very clear that a specific reading was definitely who you were, but in some cases the readings can be seen symbolically through veils of energy patterns that emerge as past life scenarios. These scenarios can then be experienced from a detached perspective, a place of observation and then processed to bring clarity to current life situations. The specific events that can be recalled from a pastlife are generally surrounded by some type of traumatic event or those in which emotional extremes are a prominent part of that lifetime. Strong emotions tied into anger, hatred and love can greatly impact your relationships today. Pastlife death scenarios hold a particularly strong imprint within your field and can even cause physical disease or discomfort in this life. All these events leave a very powerful imprint on a persons life, which they carry over into their following lives in order to resolve them – to clear karmic threads and karmic debts. By becoming aware of these events, you can begin to unravel answers to many questions as to why you act or do things in certain ways. This awareness can be very valuable in your personal growth and healing process.

Shivanti has developed the shamanic skill of interdimensional travel — diving into quantum space, beyond time and engaging with the essence of the energy present in your auric field. She has the ability to go backwards and forwards in time and visit places as an observer. She communicates with various realms of intelligence and interprets the visual and auditory information received. Once she captures the essence of the past lifetime, she brings that information back into this reality to process for your reading. Shivanti is a shamanic spiritual guide, dedicated to assisting you to move into higher realms of spiritual growth — to Evolve. She will provide suggestions to help you integrate this knowledge and will generally offer you some meditations and guided visualizations to help you process this information through Love and Forgiveness.

These interpretations may not always be clear as to how they apply to your current life initially. You should give it careful thought, as you will begin to see information come to Light regarding the situations surrounding the readings. Once understood, pastlife readings can bring tremendous amounts of clarity to situations that are occurring in your present life. If you are experiencing unexplained feelings/emotions or anxiety, it may be connected to a pastlife. Depression is one of the most debilitating results of holding on to past life imprints. Once you become aware of these scenarios, you have the ability to clear it from your energetic field of Light.

Those of you guided to receive this information have already lived many lives and each has contained its share of experiences. There is much truth and value to be discovered within our pastlives. All the important lessons are carried forth, so it is not necessary to uncover every past life you have experienced. The important ones will be related to the strongest issues you have faced in this lifetime. There are usually 5-6 key lifetimes that are important to discover, as each layer will release new levels of power within you. Shivanti brings through the core level information that is most important for you to know at this particular time of your journey.