Spiritual MRI with Shivanti
Spiritual MRI with Shivanti
  • View status of all main chakras and learn to balance
  • Observe patterns currently playing out in your auric layers
  • Initiate new levels of Spiritual Awakening
  • Explore Soul Retrieval & Recapitulation to recover lost energy and power
  • Recover Pastlife events for expanded healing on all levels
  • Engage with deeper aspects of the Physical Healing process
  • Release Dysfunctional Relationship & Karmic Patterns
  • Clear Addictions & Habitual Patterns from your field
  • Release and forgive abusive Sexual Experiences
  • Uncover root causes for Anxiety & Nervous Disorders
  • Increase ability for greater Abundance & Empowerment
  • Awaken higher DNA strands with DNA Activation processes
  • Advance your Ascension & Manifestation protocols
  • Access Akashic Records for clarity of Life Path
  • Learn Shamanic Journeying skills to help you navigate your own inner explorations
  • Move into greater alignment with higher Mission parameters

Energy Exchange : $475.00
Special Price $385.00



The Spiritual MRI™ provides you with a complete scan of your bio-energetic matrix to see what imprints are currently affecting your physical/emotional/mental/spiritual bodies. Shivanti, using her clairvoyant abilities, will dive deeply into your entire etheric field to SEE what is happening on all the various dimensional levels of your being. This is a great session to begin working with Shivanti as it provides you with an excellent baseline reading on all your energy bodies. Future sessions are like progress reports and can assist you in many ways to guide you along your unfolding evolutionary journey. Just like a new blood panel or ultrasound scan of your body in the 3D medical realms, this is equivalent for your spiritual bodies. It is an intensive session that takes several weeks to a month to complete and you should be at a place where you can focus on your life path as much as possible during this time.

The Spiritual MRI includes all of the following sessions.

The information gathered here will give you enough data to fully understand your life path as it is now and what you need to do in order to move forward, clearing your blocks and resistances and moving into a life more in alignment with your higher path and purpose. Follow up support is offered with individual readings as needed once you have this initial MRI.

™Spiritual MRI is trademarked by JoAnn Chambers 3/2014

SESSION DETAIL: You will initially receive both the chakra portrait and the aura portrait as a graphic image in a DropBox.com folder (no need for an account, but a free account is easy to setup). You will spend several days reviewing these portraits and meditating on what you receive from your meditations. Shivanti will then send an audio recording of the readings for both portraits via DropBox. You will spend more time reviewing this information, comparing it with what you received in your meditations. Several days later Shivanti will bring through a pastlife reading which will be recorded and added to your DropBox folder. At this point, you will spend time meditating on all the information received, making notes and adding questions from your thoughts. The next step is a Spiritual Guidance session by phone or Skype to discuss all of the info received. This is a great time to share more about your personal life path and how this information impacts what you already know. The final session is a deep Shamanic Journey session where Shivanti will guide you through the multidimensional realms to release, clear and awaken hidden aspects that have been revealed during the readings. She will close with a remote Vibrational Healing session which includes aspects of DNA Activation. The session ends with a final follow up a week later via email or live chat to discuss any remaining questions that may have arisen.